Absentee Owner Postcard

Absentee Owner Postcard
You never know when an absentee owner has had it with their tenants, managing yard work from out-of-state, or simply owning two homes. Be the agent they call when they are ready to list by sending them this Absentee Owner Postcard. Sometimes it just takes a little push!
Real estate postcard

Template overview

The front of this postcard allows for a custom image of your local city, in addition to a stock photo option. As a best practice, use an image of your city's skyline, a specific neighborhood, or a local feature. The back allows for agent branding, bullet points for local market stats or sale points, and a customizable callout.

Marketing Tip

If you have the exact address of the property the absentee owners owns, tailor the front image to the specific neighborhood their property is located in. This could spark an emotional response from the homeowner, making them explore the postcard in full vs. simply scanning it.

Finishing touches

Your final proof will be printed double sided on postcard-style stock. It will then be trimmed to a 5.5" x 8.5" postcard size.

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