Floral Happy House-Aversary Postcard

Floral Happy House-Aversary Postcard
Celebrate your client's accomplishment of owning a home for years to come with this beautiful Happy House-Aversay card. When your past clients receive this postcard in the mail, we guarantee nothing short of a smile and lifelong client and referral source.
Real estate postcard

Getting Started

To build this postcard, you will need a personal message, contact information, company logo, and headshot. Since you will hand write your client's address on this postcard, you're able to place an order for as many as you'd like to have them on hand for all past clients.

Postcard's Message

Use the message space on this postcard to wish your past clients a happy house-aversary and remind them you're always there to help with their and their friends and family's real estate needs. We do not recommend asking for a referral here. Instead, let the card and thought behind it speak for itself.

Finishing Touches

This postcard will be printed on both sides of heavy, postcard-style stock paper. It will then be trimmed to a standard 4" x 6" postcard size.

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