FSBO Script

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Don’t overcomplicate this first call and focus on setting an appointment with the seller. Your competition is probably trying to be the seller’s best friend on day one. Show them you are genuinely working for your buyers which they will appreciate.
EARN THEIR TRUST: As you’ll notice in the script, we instruct you to call on behalf of your buyers. Doing this takes the focus off you onto your clients. Be sure to use their first names so the seller knows they are real, and earn his or her trust by staying professional and concise about your reasons for calling.
ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL: There are a lot of directions that this conversation can go, and the script only covers a few of them. Make sure you know your talking points, avoid getting caught in negotiations1, and schedule the appointment.
This script and the footnotes go into complex issues which should not be considered legal or brokerage advice in any way. All activities should be approved by your supervising broker. Any suggestions should be considered as such and may not conform to legal or local standards and should be considered generalizations.

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