Just Sold Door Hanger

Just Sold Door Hanger
Show surrounding neighbors that you are their communities real estate expert by using this Just Sold Door Hanger as a self promotional tool.

Getting started

This Just Sold Door Hanger is a great self promotional tool. To get started you will want to have four photos of a property you recently closed on file. In addition to this, you will need two photos of properties you sold in the past, your head shot, and company logos on file.


Since this Just Sold Door Hanger is intended to be used as a self promotional tool it has sufficient room for personal statements, business slogans, and any other related text.

Finishing touches

The final proof will be double sided and printed in color on 10 point card stock. The door hanger opening at the top will be die cut. Finished size is 3.5" wide by 11" tall.

Get the most out this door hanger by using it as marketing tool when prospecting door to door. Here's how!

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